Where the silence can be heard and nature surprises. Tierra del Fuego – Chile.


Come to live the experience of kayaking at the Deseado lake. A quiet place, with no big exposure to the wind and with an incomparable view. We have all the necessary gear for you to have a perfect experience. Our guides have all the certifications to be called kayak guides. Everything to make your experience and unforgettable memory.


One of the biggest activities at the Deseado lake is sport fishing. This due to the calm waters and the abundance of brown trouts and rainbow trouts. If you do not have any fishing experience, do not worry, we have gear for you and we can teach you so you learn and have fun with this beautiful activity. If you come in a more professional fishing trip, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange the trip for you.


Escape to ride the nearby area of our Lodge. You will be able to get closer to nature and its enchantments. All of our bicycles are of the Mongoose line, having options for kids, women, men and also Fat Bikes for the more adventurous. Sport, adventure and fresh air at Tierra del Fuego.


We have different trekking options with different levels so each one of you can choose intensity, duration and difficulty of the trail to trek. Venture in and walk through our surrounding area to live an unforgettable experience on the southern side of Tierra del Fuego.