Where the silence can be heard and nature surprises. Tierra del Fuego – Chile.

Dare to live the southern Tierra del Fuego experience with us. Rest and adventure at the same destination where you decide the rhythm of your experience. We are waiting for you!.


Our lodge is placed at the feet of the Deseado Lake on the southern side of the Tierra del Fuego island. Surrounded by silence and beauty that only southern Patagonia can provide. It delivers a perfect atmosphere to rest and enjoy. A unique and quiet place in the hearth of the Chilean Patagonia.


A common space that will make you travel through a learning experience of history of the Tierra del Fuego island. Its flora and its fauna. Its ancestors and its customs. All of this through a wide range of books that focus on literature of the area and on the magnificent gastronomy which aims to the combination of regional resources that take us to an unforgettable and enriching experience.


Come and live the experience of our Lodge at the rhythm that you want. Kayak at the Deseado Lake. Trekking through the Magellanic forests. Beautiful waterfalls. Bicycle rides with Mountain Bikes or Fat bikes. Fly fishing at different spots through the lake, perfect for the activity and for sailing through the lake itself. All of our activities depend on schedules and weather conditions.


If you want to venture and know more of the southern side of Tierra del Fuego, this excursions are for you. You will be able to visit places such as Caleta Maria, Fagnano Lake, the Almirantazgo fjord, among other incredible landscapes. Also, do not miss the chance to sail through the Parry fjords or the visit to the huge southern elephant seal colony at the Jackson bay.


Because we are proud of our roots, our kitchen at the Deseado Lodge is based in preparations that have in themselves regional resources that deliver a taste and an unarguable identity. Come and enjoy our wide soup alternatives, creams, main dishes, deserts and appetizers and travel through the wide roads of the Patagonian gastronomy.

Lodge Deseado