Where the silence can be heard and nature surprises. Tierra del Fuego – Chile.


Our lodge is placed at the feet of the Deseado Lake on the southern side of the Tierra del Fuego island. Surrounded by silence and beauty that only southern Patagonia can provide. It delivers a perfect atmosphere to rest and enjoy. A unique and quiet place in the hearth of the Chilean Patagonia.


The Lodge is placed among Magellanic forests, full of Lenga beech, Coihue, and Antarctic beech, also in company of the rich and abundant Magellanic barberry and Darwin’s barberry. Also plenty of fungi and native flowers, bushes and different manifestations of nature can be found in these landscapes. A place rich in life and biodiversity.


One of the biggest attractions of our Lodge is the amount of animals that we can find in the surroundings of it. A never ending list of birds visit us day after day, allowing us to watch a wide range of species. The Guanacos, red foxes or the imported beavers are also some of the visitors that we can watch around the Lodge.


As Deseado Lodge we have a commitment with nature. This is why we have worried about natural life, the on time and correct handling of our garbage and a constant search of energetic sustainability that can come totally from clean and renewable sources. That is our goal. Today we are in the process of getting permits to start working with a hydroelectric turbine that will cover 100% of our needs, being clean and conscious, and of course, renewable. Let’s take care and respect the environment!