Where the silence can be heard and nature surprises. Tierra del Fuego – Chile.


A common space that will make you travel through a learning experience of history of the Tierra del Fuego island, its flora and fauna, its ancestors and its customs. All of this through a wide range of books that focus on literature of the area and of a magnificent gastronomy aimed to the combination of regional resources that take us to an unforgettable and enriching experience.


The club house has a dinning room for a total of twenty four persons with a wide selection of tables that aim to satisfy all the commodity of our guests. Our food and wine options will assure you a first level gastronomic experience with a privileged sight to the Deseado Lake and a warm and personalized service.


One of the attractions of the Club House is the library that we have for the pleasure of our guests. Built with publications that deliver regional information that touches topics such as literature, flora and fauna, history, geography, photography, gastronomy among others. A space for culture, enjoyment and for knowledge. A separate world.


We kindly invite you to visit us to delight yourself with the incredible Deseado Lake, its experiences, the service of our Lodge and the kindness and commitment of our team. All of this in the middle of an unforgettable and quiet landscape, as it is at the southern side of Tierra del Fuego, Chile.